Ruta Antakari II: CHILE + ARGENTINA $2,590


We now offer our popular Ruta Antakari tour in an extended edition including 2 days more and a visit to Argentina crossing the Andes mountains at one of the most spectacular border passes.
This tour will take you up through the "Ruta Antakari" and north to the beautiful Pisco vineyards of the Elqui Valley. We will take the curvy roads less traveled, an amazing back road that was once used by the Incas, now is used by the adventurous riders who are willing to take the winding dirt roads of the Andes. Find out why this is one of our favorite rides and why it is so popular among our visitors. "Valle de Elqui por Rutas Interiores".
This adventure tour is perfect for those corageous riders who want to explore central Chile's scenic dirt roads deep into the the majestic andes mountains. The route is designed for those with little time who wants to ride the central region of Chile + Argentina.
On our way up we will take the roads less traveled through the most stunning landscapes of this semi desert region called "El Norte Chico". Roaring from the fertile nature of the Aconcagua Valley the air will get warmer as we approach dryer scenery. Landscapes will suddenly turn from green to brown. On our loop back to Santiago we will take the legendary Pan American Highway which will lead us back enjoying the view of the blue Pacific Ocean as we tour south.


  • 5 DAYS/ 4 NIGHTS
  • TOTAL DISTANCE:  1.800 KM / 1.100 MILES
  • 70% ASPHALT / 30% DIRT
  • DAYTIME TEMPERATURE: 50° TO 75° F / 10° TO 24° C

DAY 1: Santiago - Combarbalá. Today we start our journey after the rush hour in busy Santiago and head up north trough the fertile Aconcagua Valley where the world famous Chilean fruit grows. After passing trough the small town of San Felipe the road will take us to Putaendo. Prepare to ride the winding "S" curves of the recently and lovely paved road to Cabildo. From here ancient tunnels will unveil the magnificent dirt roads that takes us deep into the mountains on a unique scenic route that will blow your mind.
After our lunch stop in Illapel we continue our ride passing through the Chinchillas National Park. Later we will climb into a valley criss-crossed by old mining roads that take us further up the migthy mountain trail of "El Espino". An abandoned road will lead us up north to the friendly town of Combarbalá where we spend the first night.
Combarbalá is a semi desertic valley surrounded by a magnificent mountain landscape which is better seen at the time of sun set by its colorful pink sky. The typical handcraft product of this area are objects made out of a semi precious stone called "Combarbalita".
This night we will enjoy a great meal in a cozy hotel or restaurant. If the time allows us there will also be a chance for a visit to the Cruz del Sur local observatory for a stargazing tour.

DAY 2: Combarbalá - Vicuña. Today we will continue further north as we head towards an amazing mountain trail which takes us to the beautiful valley of Tulahuén. We follow along the stream of Rio Grande on our way to the town of Monte Patria. We will pass along one of the dams that hold the precious water for the increasing agricultural activities of the region. After a lunch stop in Ovalle we'll fill up our tanks preparing to roar through winding roads as we enter deep into the breathtaking canyon of Rio Hurtado where the delicious smell of goat cheese will reach your senses.
As we go north we prepare to go up in the mountains on a mind blowing dirt road- We pass the heights that hold the Tololo Observatory. We will stop to enjoy the amazing views over the little town of Vicuña, home of our nobel price poet Gabriela Mistral. We continue our journey passing along the Pisco vineyards as we enter into the mystical Valle de Elqui. It holds a microclimate and provides 300 sunny days for the farmers to grow the finest Pisco grapes in the world. Today’s destination is Vicuña, where we overnight.
Pisco is a grape brandy that was developed by Spanish settlers back in the 16th century. We will be able to taste this lovely drink tonight when we arrive at the secret restaurant to enjoy a great dinner around a bonfire, and listening to the bike stories of our fellow riders.
This adventure tour is perfect for those courageous riders who want to explore central Chile's and Argentina scenic dirt roads deep into the the majestic Andes mountains. The route was designed for those with enough time to submerge deeply in two of the most adventurous border crossings Of Chile and Argentina.

Day 3: Vicuña - San Juan. After a "champions breakfast" the moment has come: We will take off to the most challenging part of our journey, today we leave Chile and we are on our way to one of the most beautiful mountain border crossings with Argentina the "Paso de Aguas Negras" which connects the Valley of Vicuña with the peaceful Valle de la Iglesia. We head east and ride the dirt winding mountain road up to the Paso, enjoying the amazing colors and fantastic rock formations. The roads through them switch, dip, climb, and swerve to provide stunning views of steep hillsides of the Andes.
We will climb up to 15.000 feet to the border with Argentina, and then ride down through breathtaking views of the razor sharp peaks as we descend to the beautiful town of Rodeo in the province of San Juan, Argentina. It's been a long way and we have tested the the autonomy of our bikes, we stretch our legs and fill up our gas tanks before passing through the contour of Embalse Cuesta del Viento on our way to San José not before riding along the coloured mountains that hold the río Jachal.
Now we ride through a segment of the legendary Argentinian highway "Ruta 40" which starts far south in Ushuaia and ends up in Bolivia always riding parallel to the Andes mountains, in this sense it represents what Route 66 is to the Americans.
Roaring south through Ruta 40 we head to the city of San Juan where we overnight.

Day 4: San Juan - Uspallata. Today we leave the beautiful city of San Juan as we are on your way into the provincia's best kept secret, el Leoncito National Park. From San Juan city we head west to Calingasta through route 149 to follow further south as we head toward Barreal.
We continue our ride following the sharp peaks of the Sierras del Tontal and the magnificent Cerro Mercedario which with it's 22.211 feet high is the 4th highest of south america. We might get lucky and observe one of the many Ñandu, the Argentinian ostrich that live under protection in the Leoncito National Park.
The impressive breathtaking landscapes of the andes and dirt roads you have seen and ride today are the reward for such an adventurous journey. Tonight get ready for a great BBQ (Asado) at the camping municipal of Uspallata, so bring your small tent and sleeping bag. Uspallata is a small cozy town, a green oasis located 6000 feet above sea level in the highlands of the Andes, it will be our last stop in an Argentinian town. From the town you may be lucky to see the biggest mountain of South America. If not, we guarantee you will see it on our way over the Los Andes on our next day ride to Chile.

Day 5: Uspallata - Santiago. This morning we should rise early for your journey back to Santiago.
Today we start climbing west trough beautiful mountain scenic roads as we enter into the dephts of the legendary Paso de Los Libertadores, one of the most important milestones of the independence of Argentina and Chile. Want to take the curvy road up again? Go ahead!
Roaring along the river we will gaze at the mountain that gave it it´s name, the Cerro Aconcagua, the highest of both North and South America. The 22.847 feet high "White Sentinel" will astound us with its magnificence that will remain as one of our most cherished memories of our expedition.
After crossing the Tunel del Cristo Redentor and a few hours of bureaucracy in the Chilean border we will make our last stop at the world famous sky resort of Portillo to start our descent trough the winding road of "Cuesta Caracoles". After this adventurous descent of this challenging road, the Carretera San Martín will take us back to Santiago safely.
It´s been a great journey, not many riders can say they have seen so many different landscapes and enjoyed nature as we have. Now it's time to return our motorcycles to Ride-Chile's office and we will see you again.


  • UPGRADE TO BMW G650 GS: + $450 USD
  • UPGRADE TO BMW F700 GS: + 480 USD
  • UPGRADE TO BMW F800 GS: + $500 USD
  • UPGRADE TO BMW F800 GSA: + $550 USD
  • UPGRADE TO BMW R1200 GS OC: + $700 USD
  • UPGRADE TO BMW R1200 GS LC: + 890 USD